Win Cash Prizes for Favourite Photos

Driven and guided by its users, Snaprize is a fun photo sharing community that visually and financially recognizes the most relatable, inspiring, favorite for any reason images, suitable for all ages.

Invite friends to Snaprize. This is where strategy comes into play to give your photo a winning edge. Having more friends on Snaprize may help with more votes as you vote for each other. When friends you refer sign up for Snaprize, the number of photos you can enter in contests will increase. For every 1 registration, you’ll earn 1 additional photo contest entry.

For Current Contests and Information see NEWS & INFO for a current list. We all want Snaprize to be very user friendly, so let us know any suggestions you have for improvements, even new contests.

How It Works

  1. Register
  2. Upload images into contests.
  3. Vote. Photos that receive the most "likes" each month - win. Even if you would rather not upload images, you can be a "voting only" user.
  4. Invite friends to Snaprize.
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